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Latest Projects


I build more than an online buisness card. My websites allow easy updates without any coding. If you can fill out a form, you can update your site.


I have over 15 years of experience building websites & web-based back-ends for site management as well as applications.


With my Helpdesk utility, I can remotely view your computer's screen safely and securely to help fix many problems.

My Websites

Below are more websites that I have built. Many have management sections that allow the posting up updates such as news, photos, products and much much more. I specialize in developing sites that anyone can maintain without knowing HTML or how to work with databases. Many of these sites are database-driven and can be updated in real time.

Skills, Knowledge & Experience

Beginning at the age of 9, I have always been involved in one way or another with computers. I've built them, repaired them, programmed them and tought classes on how to use them. I've been a hacker, a phreaker, a member of the earliest online chat communities and bulletin board systems starting with the 300 baud dialup "doo-dah" modems, blue & red boxes. Technology has advanced and I've seen it all. This unique level of experience has allowed me to evolve and learn as technology has advanced.

My domain name, was registered in 1996. I was blogging before it had a name and building websites before many people knew what they were. I had high-speed DSL in 1998 while everyone I knew still had dialup AOL accounts.

I've worked in the tech support world of comporate America for many years and have probably encountered every type of client imaginable. Nothing ruffles my feathers, not even irate traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. As you can see, I bring to the table something not many others can.

As a developer who can see from the point of view of the user, I design custom management console for websites that allow anyone to maintain their site. If you want an on-line business card, I'll do that for you. However, if you want a site that is dynamic and allows you to reach your clients and customers with ease, I can do that for you too.

Website Management

Typically, I don't want to be a data entry monkey. I like to provide clients with a way of maintaining their site themselves. Below is an example of a restaurant site management system. The client can create and edit menus, maintain a mailing list for distribution of weekly specials, set items for a specialties section, wine list and more.

The screenshots below show a few of the options available. There is no single app for any website. Often they are modified to suti the needs of a client.

The management console's homepage lists the most recent 100 visitors to the site and the pages they looked at. It also shows the referer links. These are the links the visitor clicked on to get them to the website. Good for tracking things like people who come from search engines.

On the menus page, the client can create as many menus as they want. These menus can have sections added to them along with items added to the sections. For example, Salads would be a section and Garden Salad would be the item. Everything can be moved or repositioned.

A mailing list is a valuable component to any website. Here, the client can look up, add or delete addresses. For this project, the weekly specials are e-mailed to people who submit their address. Of course, people can also unsubscribe at the bottom of the e-mail.

The final example shows the promotions and announcements page. These are displayed on the homepage of the website and give the client the ability to change.

Used for an e-commerce project, this is a product listing with various options on the page to save time and make basic changes quickly. Clicking on the name of the item will being up the product detail page for a complete view.

Here the client can input all the information about a product. They can set the primary and secondary categories, add keywords for collections and all the other bits of data required for the item.

Used for a real-estate site, this page allows the realtor/client to enter all the information and upload pictures for a particular listing that is then displayed on the site. In this example, the project required some significant detail for their listing.

In the final example, same real estate project, it's possible to maintain a list of agents to be displayed on the website and linked to listings. Using this format, a perspective buyer is able to click on the agents name to view his/her listings.

Mara Zeta

It's only proper that I mention my little buddy. She has her own website too! (I need to update it more often though) Mara is my constant companion and a real PITA at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. From the day she first showed up outside in the summer heat of Southern Florida, meowing her head off, I knew we were going to be pals. Please take some time to visit her website and see why she has so many nicknames.

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